How Much Does It Cost To Replace Rain Gutters?

Replacing rain gutters can be expensive and often unnecessary if properly maintained. In California, the average cost to replace your gutters depend on the square footage of your home. As of 2012 the average cost to replace Vinyl (PVC) rain gutters is $3.00 t0 $5.00 a linear foot. With the average home having approximately 200 linear feet of gutters, that cost equates to about $1,000.00 for materials plus installation. Vinyl gutters are a fairly simple do-it-yourself project. Although the material alone run about $50 -$100 for 120 feet and $90 -$180 for 250 feet. Vinyl gutters maintain their color well, are flexible and dent-resistant and don’t rust or corrode but they do get brittle with age and extreme cold.

Having aluminum gutters installed averages about $7 -$9 a foot plus downspouts at $6 -$8 each, or $500 -$1,200 for 120 feet and $1,050 -$2,400 for 250 feet. Do-it-yourself materials average $350 -$500 for 120 feet and $450 -$850 for 250 feet. Aluminum is fairly easy to maintain but it dents more easily than other gutter materials and expands significantly more than other metals.

Many homeowners can avoid the cost of replacing worn out, dented or sloping gutters by having proper maintenance and cleaning at least one a year. To avoid the hassle and cost of replacing your gutters you should always have your gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned and inspected.

At Yuba City Gutters we specialize in just that ~ keeping your gutters clean!

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